4:01 PM

Blue Sunday

It's been a month since the world as I've known it, changed.

Now I sit at crossroads, not knowing which turn I'm ultimately going to take. I don't like the uncertainty, but truth be told I probably wouldn't like the answer to questions if I actually got them. So I wait.

I've tried hard to put one foot in front of the other, but today it's a little bit harder. It's probably a good thing tomorrow's Monday, it means I'm back to work and my day is filled with something to do. The weekend's are hard, it's hard to fill all the empty time up, even with torching. It makes me painfully aware that I don't have many friends and even fewer physically close by.

I start second guessing myself. Is there something wrong with me, is it all my fault? Maybe if I had tried harder, done something different. I just end up running circles around myself and I still don't have the answer to the questions.


Anonymous said...

you are doing the right thing looking forward and moving one step at a time. You can not take responsibility for other's actions. and your husband had choices to make himself. You should not take the wt of this on.

You do have friends who care a lot. Yes wish we were closer.
Hugs Kare

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...
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