7:24 PM

Daily Rating Scale

Since I've been told that I have Cushings and have been feeling pretty poorly because of it, I've found myself trying to quantify how cruddy a day it is compared to others.

It's difficult, because it seems like 90% of the days are cruddy...so how do you rate crudiness?

Let's see, I wake up, I can walk to the bathroom without a pep talk to get out of bed and I don't go directly back to bed afterwards. Rating-A good day.

I wake up and I'm still tired. Calculate how long I can lay in bed before bladder explodes. Spend 10 minutes promising myself if I get out of bed that I can go right back to bed after I'm done. My pep talk is successful and I get out of bed. Rating-A semi cruddy day.

Waking up resembles regaining consciouness from a night of drunken abandonment. Pep talk focuses on convincing myself to open both eyes at the same time. Crawl out of bed to use bathroom only because you remember that adults shouldn't wet the bed. Proceed directly back to bed where you stay until it's time to go to bed. Rating-A cruddy day.

Hopefully I don't have to come up for a rating when I don't get out of bed at all.