5:35 PM

The Nurse Cat

It's funny how our pets seem to have a second sense when it comes to their owners.

I have a cat named Orion. We acquired her from the local humane society as a kitten. They had found her, starving to death, under the porch of an abandoned house. Orion has never been a warm and fuzzy cat with our family. It took years for her to learn to trust us, she is still jumpy and easily spooked. But she always seems to know when something is wrong with me and just how wrong it is.

When I'm ill whether it's a cold or as the case now with Cushings, Orion changes from an aloof cat to a snuggle bunny with optional massage therapy.

She jumps onto the bed, where I seem to spend a lot of time lately, and gets her body as close as physically possible to mine. She is happiest if she can achieve fur to skin contact. From there she engages "full purr" mode. If it is a particularly cruddy day, she seems to sense it and adds in a mini massage, accomplished by vigoriously kneading the front paws on my closest body part. She'll do this for as long as I am in bed.

If I am well or having a good day, Orion is no where to be found, hiding somewhere in the house, but as soon as good turns to bad, she appears out of nowhere to perform her duties as the Nurse Cat.


Ben Franklin said...

I too own a snuggle bunny cat. Sammy wants to be as close as possible, and he doesn't understand why I don't stop hitting my fingers against on this piece of petro-plastic and get back to bed!

Keep up the blogging. It's highly educational for the rest of us who have not discovered our own Inner Lemur yet. Mine probably won't be purple.