1:31 PM

What They Really Mean

There are a number of symptons associated with Cushings. What I've discovered is what you read as being the symptons and how they actually present themselves leave a lot of room for interpretation.

So here are my descriptions related to symptons of Cushings from my perspective. Keep your tounge firmly in cheek.

Moon Face- Rounding of the face.

Translation: If my face only looked like a moon I'd be happy. I'm convinced someone installed a valve stem somewhere on my head and a little gremlin sneaks in at night and inflates it. I expect any day to find a tatoo that says "inflate to 65 psi" somewhere on my head. My opinion, they should call it a basketball face.

Facial redness

Translation: Imagine your favorite Irish drunk, remember how red his/her face was?

Hump on back of neck

Translation: Yup, it's a hump and you can't even store water in it like a camel can.

Weight gain around the belly with thinner arms and legs

Translation: Imagine the Michelin tire guy. Replace his arms and legs with toothpicks and you'll get the picture.

Facial hair growth

Translation: This needs to be changed to body hair schizophrenia. Why? The hair on your scalp will either quit growing, fall out, or both. The rest of the hair on your face will go into growth overdrive and they'll bring friends. Great if you're guy, not so great if you're a female, unless your auditioning for the bearded lady position at the circus. On all the other places that sport hair on your body, flip a coin, heads it grows...tails it doesn't.


Translation: Get ready to revisit your youth.

Muscle weakness

Translation: Remember when you used to workout and how your muscles would feel weak and shaky afterwards? Like that, except it doesn't go away.

Easy bruising

Translation: Pretty self explanatory, your experience my differ. If you look at me I bruise.


Translation: You can never imagine how tired you will actually feel.