5:45 PM

How The Lemur Got It's Name

"When they finally figure out what is wrong with me, I'm going to rename whatever it is and call it a Long Haired Purple Spotted Lemur" I told the nurse as she rolled me down the hallway for a CT scan, the second of three tests scheduled for the day.
"That's a pretty good name" she chuckled "I hope they figure it out."
They did figure "it" out. "It" is called Pituitary Cushing's Disease and it leaves a lot to be desired in the fun department, which I'll detail later. To make matters worse if you do any research about the disease via the internet you'll be convinced your doomed based on the horror stories of diagnosis and treatment that always seem to find the way to top of your search results. I'm sure there are probably good stories out there as well, just not as easily found.
I've gone from being a productive 40 hour a week, insanely happy with my job individual to a stay at home, sleep 16 hours a day, give yourself a pep talk to move, owner of a Long Haired Purple Spotted Lemur; all in the matter of weeks.
In an effort to feel productive, perhaps find others charged with the care and feeding of a lemur, or those of you curious about the havok a lemur can do, I decided to give blogging a try.

We all have to start somewhere...