6:48 PM

Keeping Tally

I'm beginning to wonder if I should start a tally of how many days in a row tears have fallen. I get up every day with the lofty goal that I'm not going to cry. I still have to achieve that goal, it's been 14 days.

I suppose it is a good thing that I'm seeing a mental health professional tomorrow. This one specializes in medication management. The one next week specializes in counseling. I guess the days of an all in one package are gone.

I'm hoping that some how they'll help or numb me. I can't sleep without popping pills. I've tried every few days to skip them, only to wonder out a few hours later to take them anyway. I have never been one for makeup, but I'm considering taking the practice up in an effort to cover the dark circles under my eyes. Of course they don't make makeup to cover up red eyes.

Perhaps pharmaceuticals will save me...


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Oh my woman, that flower is GORGEOUS!! I might just never make another flower again.

Get the happy pills, and get whatever it takes to get through this. I need them them just to get through average life and might just crawl back to my doc begging for more.

Cyber hugs!!!